Honestly, Friends, I have no idea why we started taking Family pictures after church.  Our first one was on Mother’s Day, 16 weeks ago.  I just wanted to express my love for my family and how grateful I was to our Father in Heaven. The following week, Kevin started a rotation in Baltimore. He is an Anesthesia Resident and rotates through different specialties in the field.  He lived in Baltimore during the week and came home on the weekends.  It was really tough for me because I had been spoiled by having Kevin home and not deploying.

Really quickly: Kevin has deployed 2x not including being gone for work-ups (deployment prep) and I had a baby and he survived a lot in his last deployment. Having him home so consistently has been heavenly because residency is non-deployable.

Ok back to the topic: So when he left, I just wanted a picture to show how happy we were that he was home.  The next week was Father’s Day and he deserved a selfie with his family like I had the privilege of getting.  The next week, the riots in Baltimore started and Kevin was there.  Ah man! Talk about anxiety.  Just goes to show you don’t have to be in a war zone to have those dangers in your back yard.  We just had to take a family selfie and state: “We can choose to be grateful, no matter what.”  Dieter F. Uchtdorf.

And then… it just kept happening and it was a lot of fun. Wether we were visiting NYC for the weekend or had someone visiting us at Church, I was so grateful to have with me my Eternal Family at Church learning how to be more like Jesus.

Its been fun looking for quotes. Sometimes, I find quotes on a Tuesday as I listen to a  General Conference talk that inspired me. Or use a hymn. Or use Pintrest.  I just try to find something that resonates in my heart and hope that someone can apply it to their lives.

Sometimes Kevin joins us. His testimony is ever so strong and he has a deep Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.  When he doesn’t join us, he is on call at work.  Sometimes we go visit him and thats a lot of fun too.  But he’s working and we respect and appreciate him for working so hard for our little family.

On August 31, 2002, Kevin asked me to marry him on beautiful Newport Beach, CA.  The next day was a Sunday.  My sweet father-in-law, noted that we didn’t take a picture after we got home that evening.  After church, he brought us outside and took our first #winegarsafterchurch picture.  I realized that this week.  I was nostalgic about his sweet proposal and remembered that picture.  Then quietly in my heart I thanked our Father in Heaven.

13 years later, our testimony is still strong and true. We have had our trials. Oh trust me.  We really have. But, our family is an Eternal Family and we can be together forever if we choose the right and live in accordance to the Gospel Standards.  13 years later, we have 3 children whom we can share our testimony with and some day they too can take their children to Church.  We hope that we can set an example to them to always attend Church no matter where they are, no matter how strong or how sensitive their testimony is.  The Lord’s house is ever so welcoming and ready to teach any one of us His ways and His love.

We hope as you read this, you too can feel the love of our Dear Savior. You can join us in taking pictures.  Share the goodness!





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