2017 Word: Find

It’s interesting how the start of the New Year causes us to reflect on our life and calls us to action to either make changes or start something new or maybe even continue something that is already working.  Why can’t we just make those changes in May or September? Or whenever the still small voice prompts us to?  I don’t know what it is, but I am grateful for new beginnings and will totally take advantage of an opportunity to start fresh.

While running today (one of the things I want to change) I was really pondering on what my 2017 word would be.  I kept thinking of all the words others who inspire me are using: Create, Learn, Believe, Refresh, Enough, etc.  As I looked at the road ahead (which I regret not taking a picture of) and struggled with my breath, since I was sprinting, that still small voice kept telling me: find your stride, find your breath, find your way to the starting point. And there it was. That still small voice to the rescue again.  So without further ado, this is what I will FIND this year.

  1. Find ways to worship our Savior. My faith is very important to me. These last 6 months have been spent in a lot of prayer, scripture study, and fasting. I don’t want to stop that. I don’t want to take what I have learned and the transformation that occurred for granted. I want to continue to get to know Jesus Christ. I want to find more ways to follow Him. Find more ways to be like Him. And eventually find my way back to Him.
  2. Find ways to be a better wife. Kevin will be deploying this year, so physically this will be a little bit hard. BUT, I can write and call him as often as possible. I can pray for his safety and those around him. I can send him packages. I can take care of the home he has provided for us. I can support him in his work, callings, hobbies. I can love him unconditionally. He doesn’t ask for much at all. He is quite amazing and easy to please. I want to find ways to be better for him.
  3. Find ways to be a better mother. I have 3 of the funnest, easiest, cutest, happiest kids.  They too are easy to please.  This last year, I found out that they just want me to love them. That’s it. They just want songs when tucked into bed. They want me to stop and listen to their stories. They want me to wave when the bus goes by. I am sure I can find the time to do those things and so much more.
  4. Find healthy relationships. I love my family and friends. A lot of you can attest to that. Unfortunately I struggled this last year with that. And you know what, that’s o.k. We live and we learn. I learned we all have our agency and we can’t force relationships and sometimes, unfortunately they cannot be repaired. But that doesn’t mean we are not all worth fighting for. So those that are lost can be prayed for and wished well.  In the meantime, I will find ways to be a better friend, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin. I might fail, but not without trying.
  5. Find hobbies that make me happy. Off the top of my head I literally can think of scrapbooking and sewing. I LOVE those two crafts. So I will make time for that. Being on the Project Life Creative Team will help a lot with scrapbooking (blog on that coming soon). I love small sewing projects. I think it will be great to do those again and help Emma along the way in her sewing interest. I have added piano as a new skill to learn this year. I won’t be playing at Carnegie Hall anytime soon, but if I can help my child through a song, then that’s my reward. I would also like to read more. That will help me stop and be still. So I have to find time for my hobbies.
  6. Find ways to serve and help others. I LOVE to serve. It’s one of my favorite things to do. When I can leave someone in a happier state than when we first met, it literally makes my heart leap. Sometimes I serve too much at the expense of my family. So I will find ways to serve more effectively for all those involved. Find ways to uplift either physically or emotionally.
  7. Find my stride. I put running on the back burner this past year. I missed it a lot. I am out of shape, overweight (by my standards), and not as fast as I could be. And that’s ok too. I will now be 35 this year so the Boston qualifying time goes up. Yay! Still have to get faster than my PR. But this will be my year. This year, I will find time to run. Find my best physical shape again. Find my stride and stay there for 26.2 miles.

There are so many other things that I want to do and accomplish because hello there’s 365 days in the year and I can do it all, right? NO!!! Note to self: your husband is deploying, you have 3 kids who need you, and you are moving in the middle of the year. YOU CAN’T DO IT ALL! And you will NOT FIND a way to do it all.

But seriously, friends. I don’t want to do it all. And as you can see from my list, I don’t have super specifics. I have ideas of what I want to accomplish and I will go from there. That’s what works for me. I hope you find all that you are looking for this year. I hope you find what makes your heart leap for joy.



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