2017 Project Life Creative Team Member

When I was 16/17, my Young Woman’s president and good friend, taught me all about scrapbooking. I needed a project to complete Personal Progress and she felt this would be a great hobby for my creative side. I went on to complete my own scrapbook, did some work for her and other friends, and have since then scrapbooked my college years, married life, vacation, and of course my children.

Throughout all those years I accumulated papers, stamps, stamp pads, scissors, stickers, letters, die cuts, you name it- I owned it. And every time I moved (8x) my crafts came with me. Oh boy! You should see the look on movers face when they see my food storage and craft room. Priceless!

In 2011, I came across Becky Higgins. I had owned a couple of her books she had written about scrapbooking or lettering. When I saw her new product (I wish I remembered where) I said: Self, you need all of that! At that point, I was very behind on my memory keeping. I tried to catch up using Heritage Makers (digital scrapbooking) and that worked pretty well as many of my pictures were now on my computer. But there sat ALL my supplies untouched.  I missed the physical aspect of the hobby. I missed touching and feeling the papers. I missed the glossy picture of my sweet kids faces. Call me weird, but my homies who scrapbook know what I’m talking about. Am I right?

After I found Project Life, I realized I could still use physical products, print pictures, and keep my scrapbooking as a maneagable hobby. I LITERALLY could buy 1, that’s right, UNO core kit that would allow me to complete an entire album. My pocket-book was happy, my memory keeping was caught up, and my creative side was appeased. It was a no brainer. My friends were also happy because I literally gave all my stuff away. Well, I kept some scissors and stuff my daughter could use. But the rest I gave away. They were so grateful and now my life was simplified.

As the company has grown, I have loved watching it and implementing it as part of my memory keeping journey. Becky is absolutely amazing at sharing her ideas. I LOVE when others share their talents. I truly believe that’s what God intended and she’s the epitome of that.

I learned she had a Creative Team and for a few years it literally became a dream of mine. There’s my nerd side coming out again. I tried out for it last year and didn’t make it. I was sad, but not discouraged at all. I had a lot to learn and it was worth the wait for me. At that point, I was doing a hybrid of both physical product and using the app. I use the physical products to catch up on past years and all those glossy pictures I loved to print, but for present time, I use the app. All my pictures are on my iPhone. It’s SO easy to pull up the app and my pictures and create layouts while I sit in my car and kids have lessons or laying in my bed at night. Again: No brainer!

This year, when the opportunity came to try out for the team again, I felt much more confident in using the PL products. I have a groove (that I’ll share soon). My submissions were from layouts I created from the App. I crossed my fingers and hit the send button. Nerd alert. I literally prayed for this. I have a motto that if it’s important to us, it’s important to the Lord. So I try to include Him. Even if it’s silly.

The night I got the email of acceptance, my friend was driving the car, and I squealed so loud she almost crashed. Oops! We made it to the mall safely and I was in such a good mood, Gap was happy to see me make it rain. Not really, but you know what I mean.

And so here we are. That was a long story. Sorry!! But I’m still pinching myself and had to write all my thoughts down because I really am so grateful.

As it states on the site, “In exchange for the latest and greatest products, our Creative Team members create albums and projects to inspire you.”

I LOVE Project Life . It gives me an opportunity to create, to record, and keep it simple. What more can you ask for? I hope as you follow along, it will inspire you to do the same.



P.S. I needed headshots for my bio. My friend, Denise, and Creative Team Member alumni did an amazing job. Thank you!Headshot.jpg

(Layout: Big Shot 8, Kit: Watercolor Journal)


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